About Us

Welcome to the office of International Collaboration & Exchange (IC&E). In an unremitting run for quality enhancement, escalating international linkages, perking up foreign connections & global image; AIOU has established a dedicated International Collaboration & Exchange Office for managing, guiding, coordinating and providing services to students, academic & administrative personals for any foreign related work within the University making the process centralized and consequently swift. ICE is established with a vision to be a vibrant platform to link together students, alumni, academia and industry to interact, share and collaborate. The International Collaboration & Exchange Office strives to develop innovative partnerships with leading international universities, expanding opportunities for higher education, ensuring success and transforming the lives of AIOU students and staff. It aims at creating opportunities of joint educational and research initiatives to work with peer institutions on areas of mutual interest and facilitate good practices. In addition, it focuses on building strong international collaborative relationships that extend the University’s mission and complements Internationalization strategy. This office also acts as a first point of contact for national and foreign institutions wishing to visit AIOU in order to discuss potential future collaborations at the institutional level. Efforts towards “Internationalization” have been going on for the past several years in the area of student and faculty exchanges as well as research collaborations. However, as anticipate, with the establishment of the Directorate of International Collaboration & Exchange (IC&E), all such initiatives have been formalized at AIOU in a systematic and focused manner, leading to greater ease of all involved.The International Collaboration & Exchange Office (IC&E) aims to integrate global perspective in every facet of Allama Iqbal Open University. IC&E Office aims at creating opportunities of joint educational and research initiatives to work with peer institutions on areas of mutual interest and facilitate good practices. In addition, it focuses on building strong international collaborative relationships that extend the University’s mission and complements Internationalization strategy. IC&E has made it a point to promote academic excellence globally by strengthening transnational education, student, faculty, and staff exchange & linkages, research collaborations, and entrepreneurship associations. IC&E strives develop innovative partnerships with leading international universities, expanding opportunities for higher education, ensuring success and transforming the lives of AIOU students and staff. This office also acts as a first point of contact for national and foreign institutions wishing to visit AIOU in order to discuss potential future collaborations at the institutional level.